How do I choose a bike light?

…and keep it performing well in the long run Lumens isn’t everything The biggest misnomer in the bike-lighting game is that more lumens is better. An overly bright light can wash out details on the trail and actually have an adverse affect on rider depth perception. Lumens should be a consideration, but also think about

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Full Moon Flume

Marlette Lake Night Ride

It happens every month, sometimes more than once. But that doesn’t make it any less remarkable when you see it from the side of the mountain high above Lake Tahoe on a stormy night in July. Jim and I met new Jet Lites rider Tim for a quick ride out to Marlette Lake above Tahoe’s

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New Ownership For Jet Lites

Mike Henderson & Jim Scrips, Owners of Jet Lites

Jet Lites friends, Since it was founded 1997, our company has stood for quality, innovation and fun. We were one of the first to bring night riding to the then-fledgling sport of mountain biking, and we’ve been on the leading edge of bicycle lighting products ever since – offering bulletproof lights, batteries and mounting systems

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