GoPro Conversion Kit


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Jet Lights GoPro Adaptor
Jet Lites Go Pro Conversion kit with Aluminum Handlebar Mount
Jet Lites Go Pro Compatible Bike Handlebar Mount
Jet Lites F3 Mounted with GoPro mounting standard

GoPro Conversion Kit


The GoPro Conversion kit is a simple kit that lets you convert your F-Series or X-series light to the GoPro mounting standard.

The base kit includes:

  • GoPro adaptor clip
  • 2 4-40 1/4 T8 screws

Add ons:

Out of stock

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Product Description

Gone are the days of dim bike lights and slow night rides. We’ve got riders who ride fast and go big with two lights blazing the trail. when you ride hard at night you need a light mount that won’t back down. To give out hard charging riders the rock solid light mount they need, we’ve engineered a machined aluminum light mounting clip that can be used with any GoPro compatible base mount. Mount it up, crank it down and it’ll go to the end of the trail for you. The optional 31.8mm handlebar mount get s the light nice and snug up to the stem and works on either side, above or below the bar.

Additional Information

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