Double F3 Race Combo


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2000 Lumen Jet Lites 2F3 Combo
Jet Lites F3 Mounted with GoPro mounting standard
Jet Lites F3 with Break-Away Helmet Mount

Double F3 Race Combo


Don’t like wires?

The Double F3 Race Combo is everything that comes with our popular F3 Light Kit with the addition of a second F3 light and battery, the ideal set up for endurance and 24-hour racers and frequent night riders. This sets you up to run one on the bar with the included JetMounts bar mount and one on your head using the JetMounts breakaway safe helmet mount.

Included in the Double F3 Combo:

  • 2 F3 Bike Lights
  • 2 3400 MAH LiION Batteries
  • 1 2-position Battery Charger
  • 1 GoPro compatible Bar Mount
  • 1 GoPro Compatible Break-Away Helmet Mount

Out of stock

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Product Description

Some people don’t like wires. They won’t be tied down with connectors and velcro straps. They won’t tolerate a single extra gram of mass on their bike. These shredders give the finger to the status quo and the laws of physics. For them, the energy independence, bombproof good looks, and go-anywhere versatility of the new-for-2014 Jet Lites F3 isn’t just a set of key features, it’s a way of life.

Jet Lite F3 Beam Pattern Photos

Sawtooth 1 relay 1 Incline Fat Night 6 Incline Fat Night 4

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