Battery Care

Your battery is shipped with varying levels of a charge. Your first charge cycle can be as short as 30 minutes or take as long as 4.5 hours. You should charge your battery before your first ride. With proper care, the battery will last for years. It has the capability of delivering hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.

Charging Your Jet Lites Battery

Your lighting system is shipped with a computer controlled smart charging system that is matched to your battery packs voltage and chemistry. Chargers cannot be mixed between battery voltages and battery chemistry. Top off charging is OK.

Deep Discharge

JET Lites lithium ion batteries have a deep discharge protection circuit. The battery will automatically shut off when your battery reaches a low voltage threshold.

Lithium Ion Safety Circuit

All lithium ion batteries are equipped with a sophisticated 4- or 7-layer safety circuit. These circuits will protect the battery from a catastrophic short that could cause a fire. Occasionally this circuit will encounter a transient short, which will activate it. Your battery will shut down for safety. To reset the safety circuit simply plug it into the charger for 1 minute. All lithium batteries are packed in a water resistant case that can withstand short periods of submersion up to 3 feet.

Top off your lithium ion battery before storage.

NIMH Batteries

NIMH batteries should avoid deep discharge. A deep discharge of an older battery may cause damage. This is a rare occurrence but can happen. If you do deep discharge the battery let it set for 10-15 minutes and then charge it as you normally would.

Long Term Battery Storage

Storage longer than 2 months constitutes long-term storage. Your battery may loose some capacity due to inactivity.