If there is something wrong with your Jet Lite please consult the Trouble Shooting guide below.

Website Troubleshooting

You enter coupon codes on the shopping bag page.


F-Light Troubleshooting

Here’s how to fix it.

1) Unthread the lens cap of the light.


2) Check to see if the reflector assembly is loose.


3) WITHOUT TOUCHING THE INTERIOR OF THE REFLECTOR, thread the reflector down into the light tightly. If necessary, use a piece of tacky material like a small swatch of inner tube.


4) Thread the lens cap back on.

5) Shred Nightly: Test for recurrence of the problem.

6) If problem persists, pleas submit a warranty request here.

X-Light Troubleshooting

One side of the battery strap goes on your bike, the other goes on the frame:

Jet Lites X-Series Battery Strap
Here’s what it should look like when installed properly:

The X-Series battery mount is secure and out of the way when mounted to the seat post.

The battery straps are usually shipping strapped up in the final configuration for mounting the battery. As you peel the velcro back, the first loop you open is where the frame or seat post will eventually go, the second is for the battery.

Jet Lites X-Series Battery Mount