Marlette Lake Night Ride

Riding past Marlette Lake on a Jet Lites night ride on the Flume Trail.

The JET Lites story

From mountain biking’s introduction in the early ‘80s, to its growth in popularity through the ‘90s and 2000s, our sport has evolved from a curiosity to a culture. Every successive generation of technology has opened new terrain to bikes, put smiles on new faces and changed the landscape of what is possible on two wheels.

Since 1997, when JET Lites pioneered some of the first racing-quality lights for mountain biking, we have been on the cutting edge of innovation, creating bicycle lights that give bike enthusiasts access to the unique joy that comes from pedaling under the night sky in the cool of the evening air.

Our early products were engineered by industry pioneer Jim Taylor when he started the company in Santa Cruz, Calif., before moving it to Truckee, Calif., in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He built the best HID, halogen, then LED-powered lights on the market, accessorized with bulletproof, long-life batteries. Although competitors have come and gone, the focus of JET Lites to remain the quality leader and preferred manufacturer for racers has remained steadfast, even after his untimely passing.

Mike Henderson & Jim Scrips, Owners of Jet LitesToday, the company is owned by Jim Scripps and Mike Henderson of Reno, Nev. Longtime mountain bikers who share a deep affinity for the culture of mountain biking, Jim and Mike continue to invest in the engineering and design process, and produce durable lights that shine bright, can take the occasional crash, and are backed by company that stands proudly behind its product.

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