GoPro Light Compatability

Go Pro Handlebar mount for Jet Lites Bike Light

Are you swimming in GoPro camera mounts and wish the other stuff you have to mount to your helmet, handlebars or dog would just work with them all? We do too. Which is why we designed and built a new mounting clip for our lights that allows Jet Lites riders burning the F3 or the X-52 to mount up to any GoPro compatible base mount.

Go Pro Compatible Jet Lites

If you already have GoPro bar and helmet mounts you’re happy with, you can get a Jet Lites 1000 Lumen F3 with the Go Pro clip and no mount for just $189.

With the new mounting system comes some new options. We will no longer be selling the F3 with the Q/R handlebar mount. You can get it with the old clip for use with our tried-and-true breakaway helmet mount, or the new clip for use with GoPro mounts. You can also order any light with the Go Pro clip and no mount at all for use with whatever GoPro mounts you already have.

These options will be selectable before you can add a light to the shopping bag.

TONS of Jet Lite Mounting Options

Not only does GoPro make a bunch of great mounts for their cameras that you can use with Jet Lites now, but there are endless options of GoPro compatible mounts available from other great companies. Here are a few options:

Break-Away GoPro Helmet Mount

Lastly, we are working on an adaptor for our patented Break-Away helmet mount system that uses the GoPro base mount. This is still in production, and we are offering it for Pre Order only now.



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