Biking like a girl

Reno riders take on RAAM 2015 with Jet Lites 

By Michelle Faurot

IMG_2365Team Bike LIke a Girl competed as an eight-woman team in the 2015 edition of the Race Across America (RAAM), billed as the world’s toughest endurance race. One of the reasons that it earns that moniker is that it is a non-stop race, through day and night – 24/7 from the time racers leave Oceanside, Calif. until they reach the finish in Annapolis, Md.

Team members from Reno included Bridget Webster and myself.  We were both newbies to the concept of riding during the middle of the night.

Bridget and I would each have two bikes for racing, a road bike and a time trial bike, and per RAAM rules, we would need to run with our front lights on from 7pm – 7am local time during the race.

Most of the racing across country was on our TT bikes – we were riding one a time, relay style, and the TT bikes were more aerodynamic. 

IMG_2267Bridget and I both found that we loved riding at night.  I should say racing at night!  Our goal each time we were on the bike was to go as hard and fast as we could, even if it was pitch black out.

Team Bike Like a Girl was successful in smashing the previous eight-woman team record for RAAM, setting a new record of  19.11 mph for over  3,000 miles across country.  We also successfully raised money and awareness for our mission of empowering girls and women through cycling.


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